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Conveyor Offers Many Advantages to Woodworking

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Components can be transported safely between various manufacturing and finishing operations using monorail conveyor.An overhead conveyor offers many advantages over other methods of moving parts between various manufacturing operations. It can transport items through areas not accessible to workers, such as automatic spray booths and drying ovens, or where hazardous conditions exist. The weight carrying capacity is greater than any employee, and it does it without tiring or taking breaks.

Often an enclosed overhead conveyor can be installed where a floor conveyor would be impractical. When there is a need to temporarily hold work-in-progress, carriers can be switched to recirculating loops or storage spurs until needed. Safety devices can be installed on inclined sections to control runaway carriers in the event of chain breakage.

Specializing in overhead conveyors for woodworking applications, PACLINE’s pre-engineered standard conveyor components feature an enclosed-track design and bolt-together construction. The conveyor chain travels within an enclosed track, where it is protected from the plant environment. The extremely low-friction design of the chain makes it possible to power long
systems from a single drive.

Because the drive system is one of the most important components, PACLINE conveyors incorporate a unique caterpillar drive unit, which can be placed in most the convenient location. It is not restricted to corner placement, as is typical in many systems. Another feature of PACLINE systems is the elimination of sprocket turns that, in addition to being dangerous, are also costly and difficult to install and maintain.

Published in Canadian Woodworking, November 1989


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