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Overhead conveyor systems for automating painting and industrial finishing operations.

Overhead Monorails for Order Fulfillment in Warehouses and Distributions Centers

Conveyors for Paint and Finishing Lines

PACLINE has a variety of conveyors that offer excellent solutions for handling products through paint and other finishing operations.

The type of conveyor selected for your operation will depend on the weight, size and even the shape of the items being conveyed as well as the type of finishing process being applied. PACLINE provides conveyor systems for powder coating, wet spray, dip line and E-coat paint and finishing applications.

Overhead conveyors are the most commonly used conveyor type for paint finishing. Our PAC-LINE™, PAC-MAX™ and Power and Free systems all have an enclosed track design which helps prevent contaminants from reaching the chain and bearing surfaces. This feature is particularly important in finishing processes where paint and chemical overspray can create a build-up that can adversely affect the operating ability of any conveyor components that are not protected.

For high-quality painting applications or when sanitary conditions must be maintained, the PAC-MAX™ high-capacity conveyor can be inverted (slot up) or installed slot sideways.  This conveyor setup ensures that no drip from the part holder or carrier will come in contact with the painted parts.

For certain items such as wood furniture, which can be awkward to convey due to their shape or size, the PAC-TRAK™ towline conveyor offers a convenient means of holding, conveying and rotating these items through the various finishing processes.

All of our conveyors can withstand temperatures of up to 600° F.

PACLINE conveyors can offer 9-inch horizontal radii (the smallest in the industry). This feature helps reduce the size requirements of ovens, spray booths and other process equipment. PACLINE offers enclosed track or I-Beam monorail conveyors and conveyors with inverted or slot-down configurations. PACLINE’s Power and Free Overhead Conveyors are well-suited for finishing lines where products need to be routed to multiple spray booths or where accumulation in an oven or elsewhere is advantageous.

Below are some examples of overhead conveyors being used in paint and finishing operations:

Propane Tank and Gas Cylinder 

Overhead conveyors are the best choice for handling tanks through the finishing process as they prevent  over-spray and excess wet paint falling downwards.

Doors and Windows Paint Finishing

Overhead conveyors are able to address certain concerns that arise when handling doors and windows for any type of paint and finishing operations.

Things to consider when choosing a conveyor for paint finishing:

  • Size and weight of the parts being finished
  • Type of  material the part is made of (metal, plastic, wood, etc.)
  • Physical space available to install the conveyor in and around other equipment
  • Can the item be attached to an overhead conveyor or does it need to be moved on a cart at floor level
  • Type of paint or finishing process (wet spray, powder coating, plating, chemical wash)
  • Finishing environment (ovens, dip tanks, chemicals involved)
  • Quality of paint finishing required